Customer Satisfaction is our Passion

PowerComm’s mission is to serve private and public clients by providing cost-effective and innovative solutions for high-end communication, fire alarm and security systems. Our experienced staff understands the technology, resources, people and issues crucial to your system, from concept through completion and beyond. Ethical leadership, complete customer satisfaction, a work environment devoted to our employees’ personal and professional growth, and a keen understanding of economic, social, and political realities are the foundations of PowerComm.

PowerComm understands that all projects are not created equal. It is our goal to provide solutions that will suit each client’s unique system requirements. We strive to incorporate the necessary applications available, while ensuring future system compatibility with advancing technologies. Regardless of the project's nature, we can provide client consultation in the latest technologies and the benefits for each, as well as designing, installing and commissioning a reliable cost-efficient solution. We can also create a user friendly platform for managing multiple operations from a single control point and service and maintain an existing system. No matter your need, PowerComm brings you bankable ABILITY - capABILITY, reliABILITY, and scalABILITY - to complete the project beyond your expectations.

capABILITY means you’re working with a proven firm skilled at handling all the dimensions of your project, from concept through completion.

As you can see from our portfolio, PowerComm has furnished some of the most technically advanced buildings in Nevada and California with the latest communication, fire alarm and security systems available. Our proven record of success has prompted numerous national and local signature businesses to select PowerComm as their partner in providing one or more of their most delicate electronic systems. Simply put, PowerComm was the business partner selected for the job because of our proven capABILITY.

Our business culture has attracted some of the industries best and brightest talent who have chosen PowerComm as their career partner. We offer our clients technicians, project managers and business agents that are highly accredited in the field they represent and are certified in the products that we represent. We are proud of the capABILITY of our staff and management team and it shows in our project accomplishments.

reliABILITY is realizing your systems and networks will continue to meet and exceed your every expectation.

Your company is valuable. You strive to provide your clients with the highest degree of professionalism, and service. You’re dependent on communication with your clients and your associates. You require information to be at your fingertips, and you’re obligated to protect your people and your assets.

When it comes to all of these crucial components in running a successful business, you demand that the communication, fire alarm and security systems selected be provided by a company with a high degree of reliABILITY. ReliABILITY means the job is completed with the highest degree of technical skill and professionalism. ReliABILITY means that your system operates as was prescribed. ReliABILITY means your system will be capable of managing the most technical demands far into the future. Reliable people, reliable systems, reliable results – that is what you can count on every time you hire PowerComm.

Some of the most trusted brands in the industry have partnered with PowerComm, realizing their reputation and their products are in extremely reliable hands. PowerComm offers the best products from the best brands.

And finally, with regularly scheduled maintenance, you’ll have the most failsafe security blanket of all: peace of mind.

scalABILITY ensures that you’ll have a solutions provider for the long haul with the ability to grow with you – big or small.

In today’s business environment, it’s typical of a client seeking an electronic system(s) solution to hire a multitude of specialized companies to complete the project from start to finish. It can be a very unpleasant experience to manage multiple companies performing different phases of a single system solution, or multiple companies providing for different systems within one building.

Excessive paperwork, project scheduling and coordination conflicts, personality clashes, and a host of other unnecessary inconveniences typically lead to project inefficiencies that come with added costs and stress. PowerComm offers you a solution to the “cast of many” approach to project completion.

Look to PowerComm for our full-spectrum of industry leading communication, fire alarm, and security systems and services. PowerComm is a full service electronics system contracting, engineering and consulting firm. PowerComm can assist you from project concept through completion and beyond, providing you with as much or as little as your project demands.